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Bert Firman

Harry Gold

Robert Farnon

Malcolm Laycock receives the
Alan Dell Trophy from Michael Parkinson in 2001

Artie Shaw with Alan Dell in 1992
(Photo taken at the Musicians' Rendezvous
in the Tudor Club)

Trumpeter Gracie Cole receiving the
Freedom of the City of London in 1991.
Left to right: Tony Harrison, Bill Geldard,
Gracie and Ivor Mairants

Don Lusher, Angela Morley, Jackie Armstrong,
Duncan Lamont, Ronnie Hughes in 2002

Sheila Tracy receiving the
Alan Dell Award in 2003


Ronnie Hughes

Guitarist Ivor Mairants with his wife Lily,
celebrating Ivor's eightieth birthday at the
Coda Club in 1988


John Keating

Back row: Standing: lvor Mairants, Coleridge Goode, John Altman,
Harry Conn, Frank Holder, Burl Rhodes, Ronnie Hazlehurst,
Tony Harrison.
Seated: George Elrick, Woolf Phillips, Harry Hayes, Stanley Black

Harry Hayes and Friends in 1998:
Back row
: Jack Chilkes, Terry Hyland, Peter Hull, Tony Rivers,
Roy Willox, Mike Senn
Seated: Harry Conn, Willie Garnett, Harry Klein, Derek Boulton,
Harry Hayes, Ronnie Chamberlain, George Bayton



Harry Hayes Birthday at the Coda Club 26/ 03/ 01
Back row: Eric Delaney, Jimmy Wilson, Stan Reynolds, Johny Gray, Jackie Armstrong, Ted Barker, Ronnie Hughes
Front row: Harry Hayes, Bill Geldard


Jack Dawkes celebrates his 80th birthday
Back row: Phil Tate, Lindsay Dawkes, Jack Emblow
Seated: Freddy Staff, Jack Dawkes, Don Lusher

Stan Reynolds

Jack Parnell receiving the
Coda Club Burt Rhodes Award
in November 2004.
Rosalyn Wilder, Jack Parnell,
Club Chairman Stan Reynolds
Photo by Louis Barfe

Ronnie Hughes and Colin Stuart in action
Harry Conn
Harry Conn

Bess Harris and Cliff Dunn






The colour photographs were taken by
Pete March, Lee Harris and Guy Rowland and are their sole copyright.
They are kindly supplied by John Wright from his Bert Firman pages at http://www.jabw.demon.co.uk

Black and white photos by Dennis Matthews when not otherwise credited

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