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What is the Coda Club?

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What is the Coda Club?

Remember Archer Street? That tiny, cramped thoroughfare just behind Piccadilly Circus, where the barrow-boys used to sell fruit and toys, and musicians from all over the country used to converge of a Monday at high noon, come rain or shine, jostle for position, get a gig, have a drink, shoot the breeze, and get moved along by the police every now and then? On the corner, the Nosh Bar, where you could get a salt beef on rye, with coleslaw on the side, some Polish cheesecake to follow? Around the corner, the Windmill Theatre, with the twenty-four hour strip show? Opposite, the unventilated cellars where the bands used to rehearse? Just down the road were all the jazz clubs. How could anyone forget all that! That was where it was all happening, for many of us the heart of the universe.

Alas, Archer Street is now only a memory. The street is still there, but we have all moved on.

In this day and age the Coda Club is the new meeting place for musicians. We have members from all over the world—musicians of all kinds, classic, jazz, rock, all ages and genders. It’s a great place to meet other musicians, talk about music, make new friends, have a drink or two.

The Coda Club is not a closed shop for professionals—its doors are open to everyone, non-musicians as well. But don’t be surprised if you bump into a whole lot of your favourite jazz stars in there.

The club normally meets at 3 o’clock in the afternoon of the last Monday of each month. Meeting place is the Phoenix pub near London’s Oxford Circus. Membership will cost you £15 a year. Send an email to Sheila Walmsley for details. Once you're a member we'll keep you up to date on current events with our regular Newsletter.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Bring a friend.

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